AscorBio Laboratory Osaka is engaged in the invention, development, and promotion of stable vitamin C derivative, AA-2G.

Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) is essential to the foundation of "Your Health".
If we can take vitamin C properly, we can be healthier and more beautiful.

We will continue to contemplate "For Your Health" from the mindset of preventive medicine - to take measures for the future - not from a symptomatic medicine to treat illnesses.

For Your Health AscorBio Laboratory Osaka


Vitamin C is known as one of the strongest antioxidant.
However, it is delicate, fragile, and is quickly excreted from the body.
The solution to this problem is AA-2G, that we invented and developed.

About AA-2G

The C Lineup

The C

One packet of The C corresponds to 390 mg of vitamin C.
It is absorbed throughout the body and remains in the body for a long time.

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The C Gel

One teaspoon (7g) of The C Gel corresponds to 2500 mg of vitamin C.
Highly concentrated gel is created with the mindset of complementary therapy.

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