The C

One packet of The C corresponds to 390 mg of vitamin C.
It is absorbed throughout the body and remains in the body for a long time.

Vitamin C is also regarded as “the strongest reducing and antioxidant substance” as it removes active oxygen that damages the body and functions in various biological adjustments.
The C is created by AscorBio Laboratory Osaka to be a steady source of vitamin C. By taking it twice a day, morning and afternoon, your body can be supplied with a sufficient amount of vitamin C.

POINT 01 Delivered intact to the small intestine
without being broken down.

Vitamin C is easily broken down when exposed to heat, light, or air.
It is an extremely delicate substance, but we have found that it is very stable when combined with glucose. AA-2G reaches the small intestine without being broken down and remains stable until you take it.

POINT 02 Slowly decomposed
and steadily absorbed.

AA-2G is water-soluble as well as vitamin C.
Vitamin C has the disadvantage of being transiently absorbed, and most of it is excreted from the body after a few hours.
On the contrary, AA-2G ingested is gradually cleaved by intestinal enzyme to release vitamin C, which is steadily absorbed and remains in the body for a long time.

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