The C Gel

One teaspoon (7g) of The C Gel corresponds to 2500 mg of vitamin C.
A highly concentrated gel of AA-2G can be produced due to its high stability.

The C Gel was developed as a food supplement, which might be utilized following the high concentration of vitamin C infusion therapy and anticancer drug therapy.
Just by one teaspoon (7g), 2500 mg of vitamin C can be taken. We were able to create such a highly concentrated gel because AA-2G is stable and resistant to decomposing.
Today, The C Gel is also suitable for many people who want to take a large amount of vitamin C.

POINT 01 As a supplemental food
in cancer treatment.

Vitamin C helps to remove active oxygen under the normal condition. However, when it is present at a considerably high concentration in the body, it generates hydroxy radicals, which attack the malignant tumor. Therefore, a high concentration of vitamin C infusion therapy can be utilized in the treatment of cancer and other diseases.
The C Gel is currently being used in many clinics as a complementary food.

POINT 02 AA-2G made it possible
to be condensed into a gel.

Vitamin C cannot be condensed to high concentrations because of its instability in water.
However, as AA-2G is extremely stable, we succeed in creating the gel of AA-2G by our proprietary technology.
No preservatives, antioxidants, or gelling agents are used.
The gel can be ingested easily with weak acidity.

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